Sunday, August 1, 2010

Experience Woodstock Parking

Parking in our little town can be a bit complicated if you've never visited before, so let me help by suggesting a few different places that you can look out for. The first parking lot that you will come to if you take the exit off Interstate 87 is in front of the H. Houst & Son garage. It is on the left-hand side of the street, right past the Bread Alone bakery, and parking is free. There are also handicapped spaces available.

Across from this parking lot, there is a larger lot where you can park for five dollars a day. If you take the right immediately after the Landau Grill, you will enter this municipal lot. If by chance you miss that right, continue straight until you see the intersection for Rock City Road, also on the right. There is a sign on the right to enter the lot. 

Further along Rock City Road on the left, there is a large municipal lot where the parking is free. This is opposite the Colony Cafe (at 22 Rock City Road).

One last helpful parking lot is towards the west end of the main part of Woodstock, directly across from Woodstock Hardware, on Comeau Drive. There you will find parking along one side of the street, as well as a lot a little further along that lane. Parking there is also free. And there is parking along one side of Route 212, also known as Mill Hill Road and Tinker Street, which is free, though sometimes restrictions apply.

~Danielle Barthel

Photos by Christine Kelly

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