Sunday, July 25, 2010

Peace, Love and Misunderstanding

In the week of July 19, 2010, Woodstock became the location for the upcoming movie, Peace, Love and Misunderstanding, featuring Jane Fonda, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Catherine Keener, and Chase Crawford. According to IMDB, the Internet Movie Database, the plot of this movie centers on an upstanding lawyer, Keener, who takes her two children to Woodstock to meet their hippie grandmother, who is played by Fonda. It is directed by Bruce Beresford, who directed the well known Driving Miss Daisy back in 1989.

For the two days that the movie was filmed here, the whole town was abuzz. Locations such as Town Hall, the Village Green, and a house on Neher Street were used, and quite a few residents came out to watch the production. There was a casting call a few weeks ago, and many locals were used as extras. The production has moved elsewhere in the state for now, but it will be interesting to see how our little town is portrayed when the movie comes out in 2011.

~ Danielle Barthel

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