Monday, August 16, 2010

Experience Woodstock Through Clothing

If you come to Woodstock wanting to shop for women's clothing, then Woodstock Design should certainly entice you as it's one of the most stylish places to shop. The store has been open since 1981, and was founded by Robin Kramer. It boasts a wonderful selection of simple yet gorgeous clothing and shoes. Woodstock Design has up-to-the-minute fashions available; for example, Eileen Fisher's clothing line is currently featured for the fall season. There is also a summer sale going on right now, so stop by and see if you can find the perfect shirt, shoes, or skirt for any occasion.

Now if you're interested in the more authentic Woodstock attire, perhaps you should visit Woodstock Legends, a shop packed with tie-dyed, colorful clothing, photographs, and records from Woodstock itself. The store is vibrant with the feel of the sixties; when you walk through the door, you wend your way through a self-proclaimed "labyrinth" of memorabilia hanging from every nook and cranny. You could walk in every day and find something new and exciting, which is part of what makes the store so fascinating. Make sure to take a trip to this uniquely Woodstock store to find anything (and everything) related to the festival.
~Danielle Barthel

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