Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Woodstock Experience: Stores That Define the Town

The town of Woodstock, New York houses a unique combination of new and old businesses. When visitors walk down the street, chances are very good that they will enter stores that have been introduced to the town within the past five years, as well as those which have existed since the festival that bears its namesake, or before!

Candlestock, a wonderful candle store in the center of town, is still run by the original owners, Barbara and Dennis Moss. The store has been around since 1970, and the gigantic candle “mountain” inside is one year older than that. This wax sculpture is truly a sight to behold, intriguing customers from around the world. It often prompts interested buyers to purchase some drip candles before they leave to start their own piece of art. Also unique to Candlestock is the line of one-of-a-kind candles created by Dennis solely for this store. Colorful and beautiful glowing pillars are forged by hand, each different than the one before. There are even candles with sayings on them, ranging in meaning from the Serenity Prayer to words of wisdom from past presidents. It becomes an adventure each time you pass through the carved wooden candles that flank the front of the door.

Woodstock Hardware, another interesting local business, is a store that has existed in town since 1953. For fifty-seven years, this store has been serving the hardware, electrical, building, and most recently, kitchen-related needs of Woodstock. The store has had several different owners since its original opening, but has remained on the same premises for over half a century. With more than 5,000 square feet of floor space, you will be hard pressed not to find what you need, while being helped by a service-oriented, obliging staff.

The newly introduced "Diane's Kitchen" section of Woodstock Hardware boasts thousands of pots, pans, utensils, aprons, and more! For the average baker, the experienced chef, children, or even visitors who find themselves needing something they may have forgotten before leaving home, this is a fantastic place to roam. Also, the convenience of this type of store cannot be overlooked. If you are staying in Woodstock, it is much easier to pop into town and quickly purchase a spatula for some freshly baked cookies instead of having to go the twenty minutes into Kingston to buy one, or to forgo baking altogether.

These and other Woodstock businesses add character and meaning to the unique atmosphere of the town. Whether old or new, these stores work together to create an interesting place for visitors and locals alike. The proof is in the continued success and happiness of this busy town.

~Danielle Barthel

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  1. I went to the opening of Diane's Kitchen and thought it had a great selection of products not found anywhere else in Woodstock. What a great idea!