Sunday, June 20, 2010

Another Side of Woodstock

Before visiting Woodstock, you might be unaware that the town is set in one of the most beautiful places in the Hudson Valley. Known mostly for its concert-related history, Woodstock's natural beauty can come as a pleasant surprise to visitors. The town is surrounded by the Catskill Mountains; you can look up from Main Street and see them looming over the town, protective rather than ominous.

It's a wonderful sight to behold, even if you have lived in Woodstock your entire life. So if you're in the mood to traverse away from town, to walk your dog, wander by yourself, or perhaps watch the local soccer teams compete, you should check out the Comeau Property.

Off Comeau Drive, there are acres of land available for the public to picnic, peruse, photograph, or otherwise make use of the outdoors. It is a family- and dog-friendly place outside the busy sidewalks of Main Street, almost behind Woodstock, and is very quiet, calm, and lovely. That is, unless a soccer game is going on! The Woodstock Soccer Club has used the spacious fields for games for over twenty years, and they are quite popular during the season.

If you're interested in seeing something beyond Woodstock's wonderful stores and restaurants, take a walk to the Comeau Property, and see a side of Woodstock you may not have even known existed.
~Danielle Barthel

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