Sunday, October 31, 2010

Woodstock’s Jack-o’-Lanterns

One of Woodstock’s great traditions occurs each October at Sunfrost Farms. Always a source for magnificent pumpkins, Sunfrost sells as many as its grateful customers can use. The leftovers are carved into fabulous jack-o’-lanterns, lit up, and displayed for everyone to enjoy on Halloween.

Located at 217 Tinker Street (Route 212) and owned by the Ballister family, Sunfrost has been a purveyor of beautiful fruits and vegetables since it opened in 1969. The thing with the pumpkins has been going nearly that long—for about 39 years. Interviewed recently, Matthew Ballister says “it’s a great honor to be the keeper of the tradition.” Over the years so many things are lost, but he finds this “exciting, and it gives life meaning to keep this alive—because it is Woodstock.”

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