Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Experience Woodstock Card

What do a lunch at Oriole 9, a dinner at Joshua's Cafe, tickets to a Marc Black concert (at the Kleinert/James Arts Center on June 11), a soil test kit from H. Houst & Son, copies from Catskill Art and Office Supply, and kitty litter from Woofstock have in common? They are all purchases made by a single cardholder in just a few days with the new Experience Woodstock Card (EWC).

Available from the Woodstock Chamber to visitors and locals for just $25, the EWC provides a way to experience Woodstock in depth, with a festival of special offers. It's valid for unlimited use through the end of the year, enabling savings of money, time, gasoline and the environment. Close to 60 offers are currently listed on the Chamber web site: Link to and click on the animated banner at the top of the page. New offers, including weekend performance specials, are posted every Thursday.

The card can be purchased online from the Woodstock Chamber web site or at any of these local businesses:
  • Coldwell Banker Village Green Realty, 11-13 Mill Hill Road
  • Life is Good, 62-A Tinker Street
  • Lotus Fine Art and Design, 33 Rock City Road
  • River Rock Health Spa, 62 Ricks Road
  • Rondout Savings Bank, 295-4 Route 375 (at Hurley Ridge Plaza)
  • TD Bank, 68 Mill Hill Road
It's also available at the Chamber booth, 10 Rock City Road, on weekends, and at the Woodstock Farm Festival every Wednesday afternoon beginning May 26 (behind Houst's on Maple Lane).

Purchase and enjoy the card yourself! Then share your experiences here (

If you have questions about the card or the program, e-mail or call 845-679-6234.

~Weston Blelock

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